Netherlands Songstress Gaidaa Unveils Her Stunning Debut EP ‘Overture’

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Artwork By_ Shaina McCoy

Netherlands-raised Sudanese R&B/Soul singer and songwriter Gaidaa has released her stunning debut EP, Overture, available now on all digital streaming platforms. On lead single “Falling Higher,” a steady beat simmers as Gaidaa’s voice stretches from laidback verses into a falsetto-driven hook illuminating the scope of her scorching signature style and laying the foundation for her debut project.

Overture also includes standout track “Stranger” featuring acclaimed Chicago rapper Saba and renowned Dutch producer Jarreau Vandal as well as Gaidaa’s breakthrough single “Morning Blue” – a captivating release that resulted in a debut COLORS performance.

On the release of her debut EP, Gaidaa shares, “To me ‘Overture’ is not only my introduction to the world but essentially my reintroduction to myself, my rediscovery and re-creation of Gaidaa. It’s about realizing that we are far more complex and hold more depth than we think. ‘Overture’ Is the foundation to something more substantial; the beginning of everything that is yet to come and yet to be learned. Gaidaa meeting Gaidaa.”

Reaffirming her confident and bold demeanor as a 2020 artist to watch, Gaidaa’s Overture EP serves as a must-listen debut that showcases her unique presence as an undeniable new talent of today.

Check out the EP below. Enjoy!

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