TLR&Co “The De-Branding of America” Winter 2012

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One of Cali’s premiere up and coming streetwear brands TLR & Co. (The Livid Rival & Company) also known as “The Rivals” debuts their latest collection for Winter 2012 titled “The De-Branding of America.” This season the designers wanted to play with the idea of advertising in America. “America the Brand,” which is a brand built by brands. The collection takes a look at brands that eventually effect the rest of the world in either a positive or negative way and as we know streetwear has become a recent phenomenon as a cornerstone in inner city fashion over the last decade. “The De-Branding of America” collection was designed more of a conversation piece rather than just your everyday streetwear collection that wanted to uncover and take a deeper look at what makes something cool, profitable or consumed by society today. Over the years, many people have become caught up in the hype of various brands in music, fashion, oil, street culture and corporate snakes sneakers, who have no real understanding of what many brands really represent. Individuals and fellow HYPEBEAST should ask themselves a question about these companies. Why are they consumed. Why do we trust them? To checkout the entire collection visit their website here.

– Knowledge “What’s the Science”

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