J. Nolan: Throw it Up feat. Yung B Da Producer

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Artist: J. Nolan
Title Track: Throw it Up feat. Yung B Da Producer
Released: December 17, 2012

J. Nolan hails from Atlanta and has let lose his first track “Throw It Up” feat. Yung B Da Producer off their joint upcoming project, “The Upbringing” LP. Listening to this track makes you feel like you are listening to Little Brother (Pre Leftback days), as that feel good song about the come up, and teaching young niggas about life through their eyes, as well as giving off a vibe of something that you should bump as soon as you wake up. J. Nolan and Yung B Da Producer both do their thing and cruise over Yung B’s rhythmic beat.

“I’m an expert so when the tech score I be low/ let ‘em reload, I’m coming with rockets like I’m Drexler/ college and through the knowledge know I’m violent for sure/ philosophical biological wars gotten a bore/ gotten traded out for a dollar I’m poor, polish the floor/ riding out with some models galore must have forgotten I was poor…”

Anyone who chooses to rap with compound syllables gets my attention absolutely, and J. Nolan’s lyricism, flow, delivery, and voice makes him stand out in a sea where there are so many other lyrical fish. His bars dictate his music, and little else, so listen below.

-Courtney Deleon

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