Recap: TI$A Christmas Party Hosted By Cam’ron

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Ti$A. It got an actual eye for an i. That sounds so biblical right? A tooth for a tooth. That’s the old testament right? “Fuck fly I am fa$hion.” Riiight? Minus the man-dress, but still purple as Harlem World.. Ti$A celebrated Christmas in ways that only Floss Angeles could.

The velvet ropes out front welcomed guests with the courtesy of the guest list and the courtesy of the dollar all the same. RSVP sunny, it’s almost as good as VSOP sunny, turn up. And that was the blueprint for the evening, because it wasn’t the ordinary clubhouse experience once security checked your clearance and welcomed you into the party. I wanna shout out Drew Billions and Bailey Roberts of Ti$A for putting together such an ILL holiday gathering.

Supposedly the home of the original Diamond Supply, let’s grow this warehouse into legend. Imagine the rendezvous hideaway in Reservoir Dogs where the thieves regroup with a mexican standoff after the heist went wrong. That’s the kind of place this could have been, minus Mr. Orange bleeding to death on the runway. Add in some colored lights in the corners, a photoshoot backdrop, two stages and several pop up shops and you might just pop a molly and start sweating.

It wasn’t a rave, but if parties were people I’m sure a rave and a Ti$A party would hang out in the same circles. They’d just have different tastes in music. Plus ain’t no party like a Ti$A party cuz a Ti$A party had sponsors. Including Live Mixtapes and a french vodka called Chambord, which gave away free samples of a Black Cherry flavored liquor for a limited time. That’s cool tho, cuz the rest of the bars were ca$h only so you better have been speaking gwopanese if you were amongst the attendees.

G-Pen was also a sponsor. They were showing off their new products upstairs behind glass cases like a jewelry store or a museum. It looked fresh cuz the upstairs 3rd level was on some fly almost New York loft shit. There was scattered white leather furniture sprawled across the open flooring with several skylights which let you peep down into the main stage floor beneath.

Most importantly on the 3rd floor, as far as visuals that helped create the atmosphere of the party were concerned, David Sebastian had added his own personal touch with a splash of flat black. There were hand painted statues with bullet holes in their forehead, there were doodles of three breasted women, BMW logos and Picasso like images that broadcasted the Anti-Society’s presence to the party people. Shout Out David Sebastian, I seen him earn some stripes on instagram when the police took notice of his artwork on a sidewalk in broad daylight.

Ti$A had a pop up store on the 3rd floor where you could come up on some fly garments. They even lit up the white walls with a neon sign that kept things luminescent. And on the stairway up to the top, there was a pop up shop from the good people at Tried + True. They had some fresh jackets representing their Fairfax shop, some dope T’s and buttons amongst other goodies. The lovely ladies of the Colors hat store helped show off some of the pop up shop’s products. Next time you’re in the area, make sure you fall through to Tried + True. [507 N. Fairfax Ave.]

Taz Arnold, the man behind the Ti$A brand, was in the house turning up on that trendsetting fly boi shit we’ve come to expect from the former polo booster. He was rocking a silk shirt that was reminiscent of those vintage Chanel jackets from back in the day that cost an arm and a leg. He had a Ti$A hat on and some Ti$A shorts that pointed a young revolver out at the world. And of course he had gold all in his rings. Taz was also carrying around some exclusive luggage that could be used to transport goods of all natures… Shout out to Taz for showing ILLsociety Magazine mad love with some exclusive shots yo… He is definitely a humble spirit with lavish taste, and you gotta respect his ability to innovate in today’s world of modern fashion.

As far as other fly patrons, I seen somebody rocking the elusive Snow Beach Preme windbreaker. Bless Escro was in the house representing the Committee of the Grizzly. The Grown Azz Kids were smoking blunts in the parking lot and showing off their gear fresh out the Mookee Store with original designs by Yuske. And I gotta mention that the speakers were stacked 4 stacks high. That’s like Andre Benjamin on a blue dolphin if you thizz what I mean. The building was so big it felt like you had room to breathe all night even though there were mad peeps in the house.

There were a couple of performances downstairs, but David Sebastian stole the show when he arrived. Always the entertainer, Dave was rocking a half mink, the Amerikkkan flag as a scarf and a ski-mask with the cross of the Anti-Society emblazoned on his forehead. It was kinda Odd Future-esque, but the half mink threw it overboard on some next level fly shit. And on top of the fit, David made his entrance while skating around on a razor scooter. Say what you like, but the guy definitely knows how to get some attention.

When David Sebastian took the stage in the upstairs loft area, the bottom cleared out and everyone was up top. Then it was kinda cramped. There were definitely a grip of people in the house turning up for the Ti$A Christmas Party. Dom Kennedy was there representing Leimert Park. We$tside get the money. Too $hort, the king of original pimping on wax was maxing out on some fly shit. Steve Williams and Karruche (Chris Brown’s Girl) were also in attendance doing their thing.

David Sebastian did his thing. The sound system wasn’t crystal clear THX all night, but the turn up was real. The combination of the banging ass sub-sonics and the people jumping around in the loft was literally shaking the floors. Dave started the set with his ski mask on, but it was so hot I understand why he showed his face instead of keeping things goonie all night. The main mantra of his performance was “Fuck these Lame Ass N*gg@z.” That’s the single y’all, check the abbreviation: L.A.N. Download it online. David Sebastian had seen some bitches that fronted on him in the past so he put his middle fingaz up and gave them a big fuck you from center stage. Mr. Sebastian admitted to popping a molly and sweating on some Trinidad Jame$ shit as he got into his breakout hit “Pussy Marijuana”. The Rej3cts joined Dave on stage for a feature and then closed out the upstairs with some hosting duties as the trillest ratchets in the building kept dancing as everyone else flooded downstairs to see Killa Cam do his thing.

A lot of people didn’t expect Cam’ron to show up. If some bullets had been tossed in your Lambo’s suicide doors you might not show up everywhere people said you were gonna be at either… but this was the Ti$A Christmas Party so you know the Harlem World representer had to make an appearance. The crowd knew exactly what to do as Cam eased through his classic hits like “Oh Boy” and “Hey Ma” with his signature playboy style. He rocked about 4 cuts, kept it brief, you know what I mean? Half short and twice strong and then bounced.

A couple of party goers straggled behind trying to squeeze the last drop of EggNog out of the situation, but that was the end. The lights went on, the pretty ladies went home, and you either got yours or you didn’t. Unfortunately OverDoz didn’t get a chance to perform, but they did get to rock at the Ti$A Halloween party, so I’m sure they will find more mics to rig up with their potent brand of Blue Magic. Plus they gotta new project coming out in 2013, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Over all, the TiSA Party was a success. T’was the season of the turn up on some LA fly shit, and it definitely got me in the mood for a merry muthafucking Christmas indeed.

You know ya man’s @DropJewelz.

All photos taken by Courtney Lauretano

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