Hypecuz: Manufactured Demand 2: The Restock

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Artist: Hypecuz
Mixtape: Manufactured Demand 2: The Restock
Released: Dec 24, 2012

Hypecuz has released his second installment of his Manufactured Demand mixtape series. Entitled Manufatured Demand 2: The Restock, and this tape is laced with soulful samples and dispenses lyrical perception on nearly every track about the game, women, love, money, and in general being the man. Hypecuz represents clearly comfortable with his life experiences, and this confidence helps his attitude come off as the authentic thoughts of a man who has hustled to where he is now.

The first song, “The Statement”, like the title, is about making a statement- not just with his persona but with his lyrical ability.

“All my T’s crossed all my I’s dotted/ made it to the end of my sentence just jot it/ I don’t know about ya’ll there’s a question mark/ but when I come up in the building there’s an exclamation mark…”

Hypecuz’s colorful recollections make for a more genuine biography as he raps about achievements and the tainted journey. Most cuts on this tape were produced by Trakman, but other producers who blessed this project are Wreckless Productions, JB Beats, Ben Swaggin, and Lookatem Ent. “Not Tryna be Fresh”– by JB Beats– is more or less about not flossing too much or fronting just letting his steez speak for itself.

“Look here I don’t be tryin hard/ just a blessin from God I don’t be buyin frauds/ official mental my swagger is not at the store you see me coppin that/ passin by where you was moppin at, wonder why I’m coppin that…”

His flow is structured and patient, yet creative which is a direct contrast to the “trap” rap that has taken root in the industry these days. These bars act as an example of the consistency Hype has been able to demonstrate since his first tape dropped in 2010.

“Look At Her” is that ass shakin’ song for the ladies, that twerk song that the south is known for, and when the baddest in the room comes in, you can’t take your eyes off her, then she starts to drop it aayyyee!

“See mami understands how I get it from the flow/ so after every show she let me hit it on the low/ there they go, booty swaggin to the beat/ head bobbin to the keys/ real girls getting down on the floor they they go cuttin…”

Another Cut that’s gotten my attention is “The Groove is On”. When you’re in the mood, about to get freaky, you put that song on and there’s no turning back. Hype describes his close encounters and how eventually they couldn’t resist each other and end up going all the way.

“Even if I sneak through the back door/ it don’t mean a thang cuz I stack doe/ nah I’m just playin but ya ass so fat I seen it from the front before you even passed though/ goodness gracious bout to take off in this spaceship/ we vibin, relating. contemplating relations/ in the back seat of the Chevy it was getting hot n heavy…”

Whether he can maintain or strengthen in the future is an open question, but this is music that immediately hits emotionally and will linger in your thoughts long after you turn it off. Manufatured Demand 2 has the ability to become a classic so give it a listen and mos def watch out for this kid. You can download the mixtape here.

-Courtney Deleon

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