Montana Staks: “Bitches Be Like”

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Artist: Montana Staks
Mixtape: Dripped Up 4
Single: “Bitches Be Like”
Released: December 28, 2012

Montana Staks hails from the DMV and knows exactly what kind of music people want to turn up to and since “trap” music has taking over, his second single from his latest mixtape Dripped Up 4,“Bitches Be Like” fits right into that category. A twerkin’ ass beat mixed with comical scenarios and a flashy collection of disses and boasts that glory in clowning ratchet groupie girls, makes for the ultimate club (and strip joint) banger!

“I swear to god he my best friend/ Stop lyin’ bitch you know you fuckin him/ She smashed the homie, and his homie/ You a wild bitch, you and ya friend/ she’ll top you off if you let her, all she needs in some Svedka/ Remember the time that you met her, that US Polo sweater… you need to stop girl/ you in ya own world, getting ya makeup done by your homegirl…”

Montana Staks is not to be slept on but don’t just take our word for it, listen for yourself below. If you like this track there is plenty more where that came from.

-Courtney Deleon

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