Audio Push ft. Travi$ Scott & King Chip- Yes Lord

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Artist: Audio Push
Title Track: Yes Lord ft. Travi$ Scott & King Chip
Released: November 7, 2012

“Yes Lord” is the latest single released by Audio Push from their latest mixtape “Inland Empire”. Hailing from the I.E. this hip hop duo has been gaining buzz in Southern Cali since their Jerkin days back in 2009, but this more mature sound is certainly what is getting them noticed elsewhere. “Yes Lord” is that turn up track that goes hard in the speakers, and also features Travi$ Scott and King Chip, who drop mad punch lines throughout their flows as well as Oktane and Pricetag playing off each other like a lyrical hand ball game and together they all go ham on this track, about bitches, burning money, and blunts. The holy trinity.

” Take the world with my real niggas, Yes lord/ living the life you other niggas will kill for/ burning money like it aint nothing, yes lord/ livin the life that you other niggas will kill for/champagne for all the pain, yes lord/ trapped in the other life you nigga would kill for/ click clack when that heat clap… you need that?/ I killed the beat, RIP, no repass/ never taking my girl shopping, new shoes she don’t need that/ she only in one position/ I guess I can buy her knee pads…”

Hitboy’s production on this track is crazy. It’s simple yet base heavy, so it knocks. Indeed a club banger and when you listen to it, it pumps you up, which is what music is supposed to do to you anyway. Oktane has said that they really follow a blueprint when making music. “Telling the truth in our songs and doing what we want to do in the most original way possible…. Be original, be tight, be dope.” Check this track out below.

– Courtney Deleon

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