Ab-Soul & JMSN: You’re Gone

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Single: You’re Gone
Artist: Ab-Soul & JMSN
Released: January 22, 2013

Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls… calling all girls, specially the good ones!

The first offering off the much anticipated Ab-Soul & JMSN collaborative album is here- “You’re Gone”.

TDE’s Soulo and singer/songwriter/producer JMSN, have been hard at it working on a joint album titled Unit 6, expected for release in late February.

“You’re Gone” is a undercover club banger under the far from mainstream JMSN production. JMSN uses the instrumental as a melting pot of sounds, you can hear claps, drums, synthesizers, and even Groovy Q’s “Yawk”ing in the the background.

Ab-Soul makes it clear that he’ll have the “good girls” gone off what he slips in their drinks, as he chants “and since you’ve been good I slipped a present in that drank you drinkin”. The TDE deep thinker puts all the consciousness aside and gets a bit filthy, nasty, and careless on this one, giving the masses exactly what they want to hear- it’s Soulo Hoe!

I expected a bit of a “Nibiru” conceptual feel for all singles released from this odd pair but undoubtedly “You’re Gone” prepares us for a JMSN & Ab collaboration that’s bound to be full of surprises. Make sure you cop the single, “You’re Gone” now available on itunes.

-Stace Fresh

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