Recap: Jesse Boykins III Live In LA At Nola’s

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On February 9, 2013, NoLa’s in Downtown Los Angeles was bouncing heavy to the Love Movement during Jesse Boykins III intimate set that embodied his signature neo-soul/reggae/hip-hop/electronic/let’s get sexy vibes. The evening was presented by our friends at Project Live LA, Nu-Soul Magazine and featured musician Jesse Boykins III, Grammy-nominee The Park, and The Twilite Tone. Whoa, whoa, whoa! What a line-up, indeed. As DJ Inka One so eloquently put it, Jesse Boykins III and The Park were “killin it.” The night was a beautiful celebration of life, music, and love—a theme that was consistent with all those multiracial couples I saw… One Love, indeed.

Jesse Boykins III is a prime example of true artistry, and the passion conveyed through his performance is only complemented by the lyricism in his songs. Classic jams such as “B4 The Night Is Thru,” had Jesse Boykins III clutching his mic telling us of a woman whose “lips…say so much without a word, her look is timeless, I’m such a nerd” as he bounced his untamed afro to the rhythm of the bass. After the audience captured a glimpse of the emotions beauty and romanticism evoked, Jesse Boykins III introduced us to his band, so appropriately called “The Beauty Created.” Jesse and The Beauty Created were continuous in blessing the venue with melodious moments, or as Jesse Boykins III would describe as “Schwaza!” moments. “Schwaza,” Jesse explained was a moment of an amazing occurrence you can’t accurately put into words.

From his crazy natural ‘do to his colorful bohemian tank, his organic flow of beauty was fully translated into the energy of the night. With musical influences such as Bob Marley, Sade, D’Angelo, and a sound sampling his West Indian roots to his appreciation of jazz and electronic, it’s no surprise that Jesse Boykins III’s music is garnering the attention of music enthusiasts across the continents.

His appreciation for eclectic music further strengthens his role as a creator. As Jesse Boykins III had mentioned, “I’m addicted to creating,” and for an artist with such a strong conviction, this translated into an unforgettable experience for the LA audience. Schwaza!

-Elainne Dizon
All photos taken by Elainne Dizon

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