Words To Live By With Naja Conrad-Hensen

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Interview by Erin Leigh.

To say that I love this artist would be saying too little, total infatuation would be a better description. Unfortunately for me it’s an infatuation that continues to build, even at this very moment, and it is quite literally beginning to hurt. It all started with the very first piece I saw of a woman holding a rose in her mouth and the words ‘Lust For Life’ written fearlessly at the bottom, I was hooked. Now the scanning of her imagery seeds the want for more deeper in my heart and, like the precious, the feeling that she is mine all mine and I will not give her up is starting to consume my soul. Her talent seems limitless, her complexity is simply beautiful and her world a deadly mix of electrifying, seductive and hardcore poetic punk, a dangerous world I would happily lose myself in. So before this obsession sends me to the caves forever I must, with great trepidation, let go and give her to you. Welcome to the world of Naja Conrad-Hensen, aka MEANNORTH.

ISM: It seems you’ve lived everywhere from Greece to Finland, Egypt and Germany and you speak five languages, amazing, where is your favorite place you lived and why ?

Naja: Copenhagen my family and most friends are here. We always have it nice dark grey cold and wet, so no distractions when working like a nice warm sunny day that could lead to sitting around enjoying life.

ISM: Most productive time of day.

Naja: All day and night.

ISM: Chocolate or sour candy ?

Naja: Definitely both.

ISM: Personal fashion style.

Naja: hmm… practical and Black just anything black. When you get paint on the clothes it’s the easiest to camouflage.

ISM: A must see concert before you die.

Naja: I just saw that Gin Wigmore is playing in Berlin the 27th of February in Frannz club. I have to go back and see her. I wanted to see her ever since I discovered her, but I think she might not come up this north.

And then I want to see one of my most talented friends perform in New York, the one and only: Call Me Kat. And then I would really like to see Iggy Pop again, I’m a lifetime fan. Maybe I should reconsider my first answer?

ISM: Biggest goal you’ve ever achieved.

Naja: Raising my daughter and living of /with my art obsession.

ISM: Designers that inspire you.

Naja: Can’t think of any specific today, but all my designer friends are all really inspiring to talk to. No one mentioned, no one forgotten.

ISM: You do amazing work with fashion and patterns and I know right now you are in Berlin, where is the best shopping there?

Naja: Definitely depends on what you want to shop, But KaDeWe and secondhand that’s what I like. I will not tell my secondhand secrets to anyone, not over my dead body, but come with me and I will show you!

ISM: What is Meannorth?

Naja: Meannorth is just as you said a question. I like making questions?

ISM: 2013 dreams and aspirations.

Naja: Paint some more and relax some more.

ISM: Words to live by.. In any language!

Naja: LOVE… Follow you heart … . Have no fear.

Cheers Naja.

-Erin Leigh

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