Recap: Stoney’s “Bumpin Makaveli” Video Premiere Screening

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District BBQ and Lounge, located in Los Angeles Art District, was the place to be on Friday March 8, 2013 with the premiere of Stoney’s video “Bumpin Makaveli.” What is even more special about this night was that it was hosted by none other then ILLSOCIETY itself. Districy BBQ provided a chill atmosphere; it was lighten up with candles and colorful over lights, which set the mood for everyone that came out to celebrate. Hosts of BBQ were on point with service; they not only served up delicious food but also supplied the drinks. Most of all, the people who showed up brought good vibes to be around and it was easy to find yourself meeting new individuals and eventually getting caught up in a conversation.

Niceguyxvinny as well as Eroda One played fresh beats, the two had the crowd jamming and there were plentiful of ill tracks the entire night. The anticipated moment had arrived at 10pm when the video was finally showed. “Bumpin Makaveli” begins with Stoney and a few friends dressed up in all black and their face painted like “Dead Presidents”, as they get ready to commit a robbery. This can be concluded as Stoney goes on to say, “Times are getting rough for me… Think of it like this… we just fucking the system that’s fucking us all anyways.”

It reveals the struggles a person goes through and sometimes they’re willingly to get into trouble to stay alive. With that being said, she needs to do what needs to be done in order to survive, regardless of what actions. Everyone who attended responded back to the video with applause or was singing, “Born broke, getting rich now all I want is dope shit!…”. Even Stoney herself gave a little live performance as it played. Overall, it was an event to relax, converse, and enjoy the music. 

-Vanessa Olivarez
All Photos taken by Tatsu

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