Style: Spring Must Haves For Men

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Alright, let’s face it guys: In past times, fashion hasn’t always catered to you. And if you ask me, life has handed menswear some serious hard-knocks. Some big time no’s and the always classic “why?” But ask anyone and it always comes back to classics.

The game is changing and simplicity is the name of the game here and with a bit of confidence, the ability to explore new ideas and colors this should be a total sinch! Time to work on yourself and your sense of style (we can’t all be bland, what are we Amish???), time for change and time to explore our originality and always explore who we are and what makes us the interesting people we are. It’s the ILLSOCIETY rule.

Spring is in its way! Time to come out from hibernation, put away the outerwear, and bring out color to this season’s must-haves! Menswear is taking a different twist in fashion in its most exciting season ever using pops of color and pulling inspiration from women’s wear trends. Expect a whole lot of new prints, color pops, relaxed and classic looks for this year and hopefully starting the year right with some serious rad threads.

Get ready for a serious wardrobe change. Spring is here with bold, in-your-face, wow factor trends for this season.

Spring must-haves include the following:

1. Prints /Tribal Prints

Get ready to stock-up on this season’s hottest trend. Lots of prints! You will definitely be seeing lots of it especially in shirts, but don’t overdo it remember less is more and make sure you wear this with simple items.

2. Color Blocking

Color Blocking is not just a popular trend for the ladies this season, but also for the fellas. Expect neutrals and lots of bold colors, easily combinable with contrasting colors and easy to wear.

3. Mustard

Predicted to be spring’s most popular color, be ready to see this in all kinds of clothing and accessories, keep it minimal and stick to simple tones to make it a statement.

4. The Double-Breasted Jackets

A timeless piece for multi-purpose use, dress it up or down, comes in multiple colors, prints and patterns. Pick your poison.

5. Shorts

Back in the radar, these are really making their comeback in different colors, prints and patterns. Dress them up or down, or match them with classic pieces.

6. Colored Suits

Want to make a statement? Go for a colored suit. Always contrast and always accessorize for a better effect. Simplicity with an ounce of edge.

-Susan Canchola

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