JohnNY U: Spaceshift feat J. ManifestO

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Single: Spaceshift
Artist: JohnNY U. Feat. J.ManifestO
Released: March 18, 2013

“Everything’s better when you let go,” words to live by in this crazy ass world and if you weren’t chill enough from the passing winter then soak up this free gem from Johnny U. Perfect tunes to bump while surfing through the Metro, blending melodic keys with a dreamy chopped up vocal sample to leave you defying gravity while at the same time holding it down. Keeping spirits elevated from verse to verse with an ill complement of styles as the mic is passed off to J. Manifesto. Maintaining a conscious yet care free state of mind is the motive and it shows with this one. Shout outs to Thelonious Martin on the ill production. Keep an ear out for this Brooklyn native in the coming days as he’s sure to keep the heat on blast.

Mage Tha Blackheart

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