ScHoolboy Q: Yay Yay

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Single: Yay Yay
Artist: ScHoolboy Q
Released: March 22, 2013

Now that Kendrick showed, proved, and made way to the top of hip hop’s food chain, TDE keeps the momentum rolling as the game’s next powerful force out the crew, ScHoolboy Q releases the first single “Yay Yay”, off his upcoming major label debut OxyMoron.

With a very successful year in 2012 after dropping Habits & Contradictions, ScHoolboy Q attracted the following, attention, and respect of listeners and most established spitters in the game. Throughout 2012 Q embarked on tour with A$AP Rocky, kept us entertained with social media ranting, beefs, and allowed us to catch a glimpse of the life and perks that outcome from a world of spectators who be “loving the crew” (TDE). ScHoolboy Q kept us all feigning for any information leading to what was to be his next album release, and now that it’s first taste is here, I think we can all agree- we ain’t the least bit disappointed of what‘s to come!

“Yay Yay” finds Q “yawk yawk-ing” and channeling back into life before rap on this Boi-1da production (and if the sound rings a bell, just hear into Drake’s catalog)

“Had pistols in my hands
Had pockets full of Oxy
All life I been a G, had b*****s on the block

Had strippers on the pole
Had cocaine on the pot

Had fiends at the door

So I turned that to a rock…Yay Yay Yay…”

Groovy Q remains on that grimy hoodlum steelo as he raps “I’m a drug dealing ni**a ’cause them grades ain’t get me paid, My agenda for today is to make bread or get laid”.

OxyMoron is well underway and has been confirmed to drop sometime this year by the TDE rapper, and as we anxiously wait for one of the most anticipated albums of 2013, turn up to this.

Stace Fresh

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