Boombox 5th Annual Celebration of the life & music of J Dilla

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If you were able to make it to Grand Star Jazz Club early to avoid a massive line that curved around the plaza onto Broadway and was able to get in, you saw some heavy hitters do what they do best. It was the 5th Annual celebration of the life & music of J DILLA / JAY DEE / DIL WITHERS / DILLA DAWG, and what better way to celebrate someone’s greatness than have the likes of Maseo (De La Soul) and Ali Shaheed Muhammad (A Tribe Called Quest) do a tribute? The Boombox family (INKA One, Analog, and Ben Diggin) handles the first Saturday of every month at the GSJ club in Chinatown. The event was off the hook, as Maseo was going in with the good ol’ 80’s baby feel. He spun “Bonita Applebum” followed by “Scenario” and I thought the floor was going to drop. He paid homage to ATCQ and the guys that made it possible for Dilla and all the acts we listened to everyday. Then Ali rolled up to the tables and killed it with old school samples in full effect, dropping Dilla classics like “Shake It Down” and “Won’t Do”. Oh man! Also, when that fist hook of “Runnin” by Pharcyde rung out, the crowd went wild. One major moment that stood out to this fan was MED coming out to rap “Jungle Love” with DJ INKA One. Even after the show I heard people saying “J D-Troit L to the L-L-A”. So, if you’re in the L.A. area and want to check out some good music, roll through The Boombox for some fresh beats, b-boys getting down, and good times with the homies. RIP J DILLA



Photo by Jenny B.

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