Mike G: Verses

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Artist: Mike G
Mixtape: Verses
Released: April 11, 2013

Before becoming a member of Odd Future in 2009, Michael Griffin II, aka Mike G had originally been a fan but then was later asked by Tyler, The Creator to officially join the group. Mike G is an American rapper and in 2010 he released a debut studio mixtape with Odd Future called Ali. According to reviewers this album had embraced Mike’s “laid back flow,” and gained positive reviews. With this being said, his flow continues in his new mixtape Verses which was released on April 11, 2013 as the 3-year anniversary of Ali. Among the mixtape, Mike G approaches the track named “You’re The One” with Charli XCX and The Internet making it have a new wave feel. One track I really like on Verses was “Season’s Change” feat. Speak because of the relaxing vibe it brought and I could imagine listening to this while just cruising in a car. Most of the tracks on Verses manage to bring a calm feeling, along with further assisting Mike’s known flow. If you’re looking for relaxing hip-hop tunes, this mixtape is for you.

-Vanessa Olivarez

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