40 oz NYC x Colors In Store Hosted By 40 oz Van & Diego (Recap)

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There is always something that we want to be. It can be something as simple as being a nicer person, being more proactive towards a personal goal that we may have or tightening up our wardrobe to give people a better perspective into who we are. Whatever it may be, there is something inherent within us that constantly steers us towards greatness no matter what sort of lives we lead. While it us solely up to us whether we listen to it or not know that that voice, nudging or whatever you feel is there for your benefit. With that thought in mind let us turn to last weekends past event. Yesterday at COLORS Los Angeles there was a meeting of like minded individuals (put together by Drew Billions) in celebration of the Re-stocking of three heavily sought after caps made by New York taste maker and originator of the 40 Ounce Bounce, 40oz Van.

The collection drew out droves of fashion centered men and women with their ears to the streets as well as the likes of local (and not so local) artists like Thurz, Tay F. 3rd, VerBS, & ILLSOCIETY extended family member David Sabastian. As the evening progressed more and more would squeeze their way into walls the cap lined COLORS presenting a “What’s what” lesson in Streetwear from Supreme, relatively new bag makers Sprayground and 10 Deep to name a few. Those in attendance mingled amongst each other while eagerly anticipating the arrival of Van listening to a soundtrack curated by DJ Mike Danger and 10 year old phenom Dj KISS.

I overheard a conversation prior to Van arriving about how people in Los Angeles are both overcritical and cynical about New York fashion/trends. Whether that truly is the case or not is surely another animal but that was far from the atmosphere of the night. As the 40oz Crew arrived there was an energy of mutual love & respect despite geographical distance. There was a fever pitch of excitement as photographers battled fans with Iphones in friendly competition jockeying for position to get a shot of the 40Oz Crew making their way into the building in innate New York fashion. During the commotion we happened to be in the right place at the right time to inquire about an interview & Van was more than accommodating. We were blessed to be able to gather in the back room of COLORS for an exclusive interview to kickoff Illsociety TV. Find out what we talked about in the next article. You’re in store for a very special surprise.

– Eric Estrada
All photos taken by Jhana Parits

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