Behind The Scenes: Grown Azz Kid$ “Bout That Life” Music Video

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ILLSOCIETY Magazine had the chance to be apart of the behind the scenes/ music video shoot for Grown Azz Kid$ “Bout That Life” on April 27, 2013. Grown Azz Kid$ is a collective with a common interest in art, music and fashion. The group is made up of Mr.Tef, Rocmoney, and Milli Martian. They are heavily influenced by the late 80s, early 90s Hip Hop scene as well as Los Angeles street culture. They are currently finishing up their EP title Eat, Sleep, Sex, Weed, Music, Fashion. “Bout That Life,” produced by Jetskibeats, is going to be the first single/visuals for E.S.S.W.M.F. The shoot was located in the West Side of Los Angeles, California and hosted by Yuske who is known for his clothing brand “Mookee.” Those in attendance were greeted by drinks and trees through out the night. While behind the scenes and on the set of the music video shoot we were able to see the rawness of how it was being filmed, which was by the way shot with a mini camcorder, to get up close and personal with the artists. Everyone featured in the video collaborated with one another to make sure the scene would turn out perfect. Thurz and Joon from OverDoz were in the building making a cameo appearance. “Bout That Life” truly gets whoever is listening hyped and bobbing their heads to the beat. All in all, it was a special opportunity for ILLSOCIETY to be apart of this music video. Stayed tuned for the video and the EP that should be dropping sometime at the end of summer!

-Vanessa Olivarez
All photos taken by Jhana Parits

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