Roger Weiss

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(photo above: Suspension,series)
…”I disguise myself completely behind the “machine”—the camera. This is where I derive my strength. In a sense, I am in each of my pictures, literally there in the picture hiding. It’s a way of surpassing my limits, my reality, in an instant without mediation.
 My point of view as an artist? I think that society creates and destroys models in the interest of a few. It’s our responsibility, as artists, to find or create alternatives….” - Roger Weiss


Roger Weiss captivates me with his photography. My favorite is his series titled I AM FLESH (which you can find on his website) that showcases the female body, and demands the viewer to make some sort of relation to the female being photographed. The rawness of space within his photographs are vast and beautiful.


Explore and find more here: Roger Weiss Website


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