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A new Documentary is set to release for Harlem’s own A$AP Rocky aka “That Pretty Mother Fucker” Lord Flacko that reflects on his success and rise to fame over the last year. “Suddenly” is the entitled Documentary that is a play on words for the title track off his debut release Long.Live.A$AP as Rocky’s huge success has Suddenly happened overnight. In the snippet trailer, A$AP Rocky explains how by the age of 18 he thought he’d be a rap superstar with a record deal, a Hummer with a Mansion, and living the life with his brothers from the A$AP MOB. But as we all know A$AP Rocky had to endure the struggles of trying to make it as a successful artist on his grind to the top. He came looking for brothers, found a family, devised a strategy, took over it, ran it, turned it into the enterprise it is today, and from that day he was known as “A$AP Rocky.” In addition to the trailer, is a previous Documentary of A$AP Rocky entry into the game that takes you on a discovery through his life and how he and A$AP MOB came about.

– Knowledge “What’s the Science”

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