Style Trends And Tips For Summer 2013: Being Stylish And Standing Out On Your Summer Vacation

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Since mid-summer of 2011, we began to see a broad expansion with vintage clothing and a blast to the past with 90’s and 80’s fashion trends. Still today, the streets are catching the hype of 90’s inspired trends. But thank the Lord this trend is dying. 2013 is the year of simplicity and minimalism. The Urban Community is now being introduced to top fashion-lines like Givenchy, Comme des Garcons, and Versace. Our peers are slowly being trained to dress well because we are constantly looking at our idols, who are Rappers, Singers, Musicians, and Entertainers, and we want to dress similar to that person. By dropping prices, designers are starting to target customers in lower classes than their original groups. Of course, it benefits those companies by expanding their consumers, but it also look great on all of us because we are all starting to dress more appropriate.

Never the less, summer 2013 is going to be the season we are all able to dress to impress and wear dope clothes. We are being introduced to minimalism, simplicity, cool graphics, and much other.

Black and white: There will indeed be a lot of black and white. Regardless of how much the color black will attract heat to the body, people will feel shameless to wear black. If a person tries to keep cool this summer wearing black, most likely they’ll be wearing a sheer fabric. This Trend is for both male and female. We are starting to see a lot of males wearing white pants and black shirt.

-Trend Tip: It’s easy to dress in monochromatic colors because you don’t need to match. Although, it may be easy, but too much black and white will not make you stand out and you will look boring. Try this instead: make a statement. Wear bright shoes, hat, or any accessories. Not only will you stand out but you will also look like a fashion-know-it-all.

Denim: Denim has not been worn too often lately, but it is now making a huge comeback. Sheer, leather, nylon, and cotton has replaced denim and now we are seeing women in tights and sheer and men in kaki’s and leather. This summer that’ll change. It will start with light denim, and then fall into dark denim in the fall.

-Trend Tip: Denim works just as similar as wearing monochromatic colors, but sometimes matching will be necessary depending on the color of the denim. It can be tricky, but be creative as you want. Try this: Mixing Light denim with neon and Dark denim with earth/dark tones.

Women’s Peek-a-boo cuts: If you are a young lad, then you may be familiar with this new trend. Peek-a-boo, also known as cut-outs, are swarming rapidly this year. Stores like Nasty Gal and GoJane, has similar styles of dresses and crops and many girls are dying to get their hands on these clothes.

Neon and pastel Colors: Neon and pastel colors are the main colors of the summer. You will see people who look as if they are brighter than the sun itself but this trend will be the 80’s revival we were waiting for. Neon colors is only the beginning to an 80’s take over for 2014. We will soon be introduced to symmetrical shapes and abnormal silhouettes to new garments. Pastel colors will be the awakening of a minimal-grunge widespread in street-style in the beginning of spring 2014.

-Trend Tip: Neon is bright, bold, and very vibrant while pastel, on the other hand, is soft, light and calm. It can be very difficult to style yourself with both color pallets. Too much neon will make you look like a walking glow stick and too much pastel will make you look like an Easter egg. Try this instead; color blocking. Color blocking is wearing matching different colors within the same color scheme. For an example, earth tones, you would wear brown, forest green and maroon colors on your outfit. Sometimes it can be difficult, but just know that this is the best way to be stylish when wearing neon and pastel this summer.

Tropical Prints: most of us has already began to wear tropical prints, but its starting to be broader and very trendy. Since Givenchy’s groupline of tropical prints, in spring 2012, there have been many individuals in tropical attire. Now we see Beyoncé on H&M’s new ad campaign for summer 2013 and its very tropical.

-Trend tip: Neon colors are often shown when wearing tropical prints; it works the same way. Color blocking with tropical prints are just as easy but also different. You can get as creative as you please and pull this off, but please, do not overdo it. We do not want you looking like a rain forest.

Many department stores and retail stores will indeed have the trends you are looking for. Since it’s spring, your favorite stores and online shops should be packed with these trends. These are the style trends and tips for summer 2013. Being stylish and standing out to look great while on your summer vacation.

-Sierra Nicole

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