SmCity: Dream Cemetery

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Mixtape: Dream Cemetery
Artist: SmCity
Released: March 19, 2013

SmCity, an exceptional DC Native rhymesayer and classically trained writer, gives a voice to every independent artist who works to stay authentic to their craft in his most recent project, Dream Cemetery. In Dream Cemetery, SmCity collaborates with the legendary Last Poets to conceptualize a “sad but true story” in an urban wasteland described as an “American Sahara”.

“American Sahara,” the first single off of Dream Cemetery, provides a poignant contrast to the American Dream, the national ethos which promises that success can be attained through hard work and dedication. SmCity craftily illustrates that as adults within the creative industry- from musicians, to writers and rappers- chasing the pursuit of happiness evoked in the American Dream can cause a downpour of constant struggle- resulting in an “American Sahara”. The powerful imagery creates a thought provoking track that showcases the dichotomy of the American Dream: struggle and success.

SmCity takes listeners along his journey through the “American Sahara,” telling us that:

“For every Obama and Hov, every prominent role
There’s a hundred thousand anonymous soles
Thats barefoot, in the hot sand
Seeing mirages, how many niggas you know dreaming of being an artist?”

While few have achieved the American Dream, hundreds of thousands are still struggling with each stride to achieve the Dream. After all, “how do you make a seed grow, with no H2o?” SmCity states that “like cactus we adapted.” Living in the grimy urban community, it seems like inspiration or resources are few, but for those who hustle with their heart, adapting is the ultimate key to survival.

Though some say the hip hop scene has been lackluster, let it be known that the majority of quality music will not be on the radio. Great emcees are brewing in the metropolis, and the frequencies of their rhythms are blasted heavily on music sites who understand the importance of providing an expressive platform for artists who live to inspire.

The substantive message and production of Dream Cemetery is a great example of expressive artistry. SmCity’s new project is an indication that creative souls speak truth. Coupled with vibrant lyrics and exquisite production, Dream Cemetery, is proof that hip-hop is still alive.

Don’t sleep and get acquainted.

-Elainne Dizon

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