Repeat Pattern: rp

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Album: rp
Artist: Repeat Pattern
Released: April 8, 2013

Repeat Pattern is an artist who is originally from Washington D.C. but now currently lives in Tokyo, Japan. Hence the name “Repeat Pattern” his music corresponds with this quiet nicely as he uses repetitive beats to produce a unique pattern. He also applies hip hop and rap among his work. More interesting about this artist is that he incorporates samples of people talking in different languages which mixes with the whole track perfectly. One track “FUCK BUT BEAUTIFUL ft BROKE,” on his newest album titled RP, starts off with a jazzy introduction, as anyone listens they can make out a trumpet, following the trumpet sounds like a piano, then afterwards Broke begins to rap. Around one minute into FUCK BUT BEAUTIFUL, there is a transition where a lady’s voice talks for a couple of seconds then the piano and other instruments pick back up again. Not a lot of artists can do what Repeat Pattern is doing correctly, he has true talent. And for this all of you music lovers of hiphop/rap/instrumental/beats/jazz in search of something new and chill, take a listen. To check out more tunes visit his soundcloud. Enjoy!

-Vanessa Olivarez

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