Chuck Inglish: Tangerine Feat. Aston Matthews & Kashflow

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Single: Tangerine Feat. Aston Matthews & Kashflow
Artist: Chuck Inglish
Released: May 14, 2013

Chuck Inglish is BACK. Actually, the truth is he never really left. To those not in the know, a few weeks ago the first release to the Inglish’s upcoming LP Convertibles “Drops” was put out and like anything Chuck or The Cool Kids have ever done quickly garnered buzz around the internet. “Tangerine” is the newest and second single from Convertibles that wields the likes of Aston Matthews and Kashflow. The song starts with a bone tingling trills and bouncy”face numbing” bass beats futuristic sounding beeps.

The song is overall catchy & is something you can play as you pull into a parking structure at the mall or something you can blast at a BBQ (because Summer is quickly approaching) and definitely turn heads and ears. in addition to a properly enunciated N word (3:31) there are references to the over-spoken topics of drugs, hustling and shooting references to rappers who may have money but don’t know how to dress (this applies to you too Dwight Howard.)

Take a listen below and form your own opinion.

-Eric Estrada

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