Givenchy Spring 2014 Pre-Collection

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Designer, Riccardo Tisci, makes a statement for all men for spring 2014 collection. Most men are iffy when it comes to wearing pink, floral and camouflage prints. It may seem too feminine, too delicate, or too flamboyant, but in these pre-collection photographs, Givenchy is making men apparel very broad. Men should not be afraid to wear either floral or pink fabrics. What you wear does not make you and that is the obvious message that has been transcending over the last two years.

The two men are photographed in a barber shop which does have a hipster vibe, but each garment jump out to the viewer eyes. Novelty prints, such as the floral and camouflage, are showcased on many of the males along with other graphic prints, like Disney’s Bambi and fire flames. Also, there are a decent amount of suit which gives an attractive, sleek, and edgy look complimented by a notch and a shawl collar.

Now, personally, I do not like how the men are styled, but I understand that this is an art and looking at each piece separate, I would love to have each and every item in my closet. As a young lad, I love men apparel, it lets me be creative, and it makes the woman’s body comfortable, and that is exactly what Tisci does. Items such as footwear, bags, leggings, and other accessories were also featured. Overall, the collection is pretty bad ass. Most individuals may be discouraged to look into this collection, but not everyone has a great eye and when this drops, I will be in a fashion comma.

-Sierra Nicole

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