James Blake – Retrograde (Mist Glider & Tree Remix)

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Remix: James Blake – Retrograde
Remix By: Mist Glider & Tree
Released: May 21, 2012

That orgasmic feeling you get when you hear a song so intellectual and tasteful that all you can do is repeat the track numerous of times. Regardless of how many times you played it, you still find it very attractive. Well that’s exactly what I felt listening to James Blake’s Retrograde remix by Tree and Mist Glider. It’s very creative, unique and it makes you wish the remix was the original song itself. James is one of my favorite British artists, I’ve been introduced to him by one of my favorite music sources, indieshuffle, and I know it’s complicated to remix one of his songs because the production is done so well that it would not make sense to mess with it. But this particular remix was structured properly. It did not take away the meaning of the original song. Mist Glider and Tree makes an epic team. The Allies crafted a piece that was once for a chill, mellow, R&B soul, to a disturbed individual on an acid trip.

-Sierra Nicole

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