On the Streets: MAN BEAST and THEFL

By | February 14, 2012 at 4:25 pm | No comments | ART, ILL City Streets

MAN BEAST and THEFL are reminding everybody on the streets of Silverlake to “STAY TRILL” with their recent mural piece. I caught up with them as they were completing the wall, which was created by framing the text with hundreds of small stencils.

The stencil arrangement makes for a great texture when you look at it from afar, and up close you will discover different faces, random objects, odd creatures, and some very interesting messages.

Keep an eye out for more markings from these rowdy ones on the walls, rooftops, and sidewalks of Los Angeles…

And if you can’t hit the streets…. check out TEFL on Facebook and his blog and MAN BEAST on Facebook and his blog.

-Alexis W.

Photos by Alexis W.

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