Ham On Everything “Death Threatz” With Denzel Curry & Yung Simmie

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You know you’re heading to a HAM party when you find yourself in shady places of LA, but don’t let the location fool you. As we arrived to the address where HAM ON EVERYTHING “DEATH THREATZ”, hosted by Adam Weiss was being held, we instantly noticed where the party/show was because of the long ass line that reached the end of the block. The line didn’t stop us from entering though, we were able to get inside within two minutes. Once we got inside the venue called THE VEX, which was by the way a new spot for HAM, there were at least 400 plus people filling up the whole space. Provided by the open bar inside were Colt 45’s and Ratchet Juice. If you had drunkies, all one had to do was head to the large patio outside and buy nachos.

Now, spinning on stage was Tamara Sky, the co founder and resident DJ of Los Angeles infamous underground party Lil Death. Her set had the crowd pumped yet they were anticipating for the performance by RVIDXR KLVN members Denzel Curry and Yung Simmie. Around 12:00am the KLVN and Curry took over the stage. Accompanied by their DJ who spun the track “Twistin” that had the crowd hyped and this is the time the real party was happening. Mosh pits starting emerging during this track along with as Weiss calls them “Twerk BB’s” who dominated parts of the stage. Due to the venues strict security they made people get off stage but of course people were there to turn up, no security was going to stop them from doing so. The crowd continued to wild out when Eddy Baker stepped up to the mic. Sir Michael Rocks of The Cool Kids also made a special appearance, we were all jamming out on stage. A first LA performance was given by Yung Simmie, who is apart of RVIDXR KLVN. By 2am the party was in full spin and continued until the break of dawn as Ham On Everything residents, BRRRANG-A-DANG and Dj Stereotype played. DEATH THREATZ had a tight line-up and if you’re ever in LA be sure to check out future HAM parties.

-Vanessa Olivarez

All photos shot by Tatsu

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