Hawk House: A Little More Elbow Room

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Artist: Hawk House
Mixtape: A Little More Elbow Room
Released: May 3, 2013

“My whole team is dying to rep the name…”

London’s very own new rap trio Hawk House is a unique and spectacular find. The connection between poetry and beat are well made in there music and lyrical style. The first of its kind, Hawk House leaked music videos from featured songs on the mixtape starting in late April and finally on May 1st announced the release of “A Little More Elbow Room” via facebook and twitter. The production work is still unclear but the beats are found to have signature sounds leading to possible collaboration with certain producers. The flow between emcees Sam, Eman, and vocalist Demae, you can tell has been well developed. They show connection between each other and give take the energy to the other. The downtempo hip-hop concoction pulled together by this group of young poets is powerful and reviving, bringing back the beauty of the spoken word rap style to the present generation with a new modern beat. A great deal of where they started, who they are, and how they came to be are still unknown. The mystery of there background and soulful electro sound sparks a strong fire that is now pouring into the United States all the way from the United Kingdom.

“…It’s lyrics we part ways with, believe that we starve hatred and these bars major, the bars been raised up, it’s evident, never been a day these sharks fazed us.”

The mixtape shows great innovative sounds and beats but specific tracks “Tidal Tendencies” and “Everyday” also has a powerful and inspiring message for the soul. Demae not only has that soft Erykah Badu vocals and who brings a sweeter sound with the chorus and breaks but also spits a heavy rap game on some of the tracks. Sam and Eman both strong lyrically show understanding of how words should lay on a beat which makes the transitions between each other smooth and solid. Hawk House’s music combination will have you laying back to the UK vibe in no time and is definitely a name you want to look out for.

-Nikki Terry

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