Hodgy Beats: “UNTITLED EP 2”

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Artist: Hodgy Beats
Album: Untitled EP 2
Released: June 1, 2013

Gerard Damien Long born November 9, 1990 or better know by his stage name Hodgy Beats is an American rapper and producer as well with being a member of the hip hop group OFWGKTA. He also is part of the duo Mellowhype with Left Brain and Mellowhigh with Domo Gensis. On June 1, 2013 he released his album “Untitled 2.” The track titled “Sale” explodes in your face bringing a techno upbeat vibe. In the lyrics he explains his experience on tour and mentions the fact Odd Future makes a lot of money off their merchandise, hence the title. Going on to track “Alone” it brings a completely different vibe by being much slower. He goes on to rap about a woman he has feelings for but in the end he is left alone. “Karateman” features Left Brain and continues the slower vibe. The album takes a different turn in both “Wicked” and “Goodbye” because they sound heavy influenced by Rock. “Goodbye” featuring Lee Spielman from Trash Talk and at this point one should be head banging to the beat or getting hype. Although this album alone contains seven tracks, it’s plentiful. Be sure to check it out. And to stay in the loop further with Hodgy Beats check out his tumblr.

-Vanessa Olivarez

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