Words to Live By With Sara Blake

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Words to Live By, By Erin Leigh

New York artist Sara Blake is killing it right now, an art director and designer, illustrator, teacher, speaker, owner of a textile company and collaborator with top companies including Nike and Hurley, she is definitely leaving her mark on this world and it’s a better place for it. To say that I was ecstatic to meet Sara for this weeks W2LB would be saying to little. Blake is a hard core, beautiful free spirit with a serious work ethic, a combination that explodes in her work conceiving a world of ethereal and hypnopompic, a semiconscious state of mind with a solid base undertone of strength and purpose. She is an inspiration for sure, her talent unparalleled and her style exquisite but it’s her Words to Live By that are positively infectious, a classic reminder and exactly true.

ISM: First off, you did an incredible basketball series for Nike, Miami just won, who’s your team?

Ha thanks! This was actually a really tough project for me because I don’t follow basketball AT ALL, but in the process I learned a thing or two about the players, from their tattoos, to styles, to personal lives. It was pretty cool. I guess I’d have to say the Knicks, but I couldn’t tell you how they’re doing. I’m more into cycling and running, in which case I’d say Pro Team RadioShack-Leopard because I have a crush on Fabian Cancellara.

ISM: Are you originally from New York?

Nope, I’m from Richmond Virginia. I consider myself a New Yorker now though since I hit the 10 year mark. Woohoo!

ISM: We have one day with you in NYC, what do we do?

We’d start off grabbing some coffee at Third Rail on Sullivan Street. We might wander around Soho and the Village, maybe sit on a bench in Washington Square Park and people watch for a minute. If it’s a work day for me, I’d go back to my studio and work and leave you with this list of NYC missions. Otherwise, you better believe I’m getting in on the action: Get lunch from Better Being Underground on Leroy Street. Take it to the west side, walk along the running path by the water, and eat lunch there. Then we’d walk north a while and pop out near the Highline and do a little more NYC nature sightseeing there. Maybe we could even stop in at Chelsea Market to get a little something after for our sweet-tooth. I’m a big walker, so then we’d probably stay on foot and wander back downtown and end up in Nolita. There’s plenty of window shopping and street art, and yes, more delicious food on every corner. I’m not much of a partier though, so for the evening I’d probably convince you to accompany on a very mellow evening of a movie, comedy show, or ice cream truckin’. Maybe a night bike ride.

ISM: Favorite spot in the world?

Hmm, maybe Paris by the Seine. Or Heron Island in Australia full of all these crazy wild birdies. Or maybe just my couch in NYC when I’m taking a nap. Haha.

ISM: Funnest day of your life?

The last fun day I had is always the most fun day because the feeling is freshest in my memory. The last really fun day I had was just last weekend getting up at 4:30AM and riding my bike up to go watch cycling races in Central Park, then riding out to Piermont for breakfast, then riding all the way back again over the George Washington bridge down the West Side. It feels so amazing to have a full adventure like that before it’s even 2PM, and leaving the house when some people are still leaving the bar from the night before. I also think anything that is physically and mentally challenging is really fun in a weird way. The rest of the day was full of napping, eating burgers, re-hydrating exploring in Brooklyn, and hanging out with my best friend. As Pooh bear says: “Doing nothing together is what friends are for.”

ISM: Inspiration for 100 girls, which I LOVE?

Well gosh, thank you!! It came from an interest in wanting to further develop and explore my own perspective on portraiture, as well as a love of fashion stories where everything is slightly distorted and dream-like.

ISM: Do you sell your work?

I list a few originals at a time for sale on my site (currently there are 2 girls from the 100 Girls series up) and I’ll be selling prints soon. I keep saying that, but it’s been taking me a while to get all my ducks in a row this year with everything going on!

ISM: Ever come to the west coast?

Yes indeed! Love you west coasters! I was just in Venice Beach earlier this year for a mini-vacation and sunshine. You guys have the best weather!

ISM: What’s happening right now?

Things are super awesome and busy right now. I’m traveling a whole bunch this year mostly for talks about illustration, which is new and sort of stressful but also incredibly amazing because all of the new places I get to see and inspiring people I get to meet. I’ve already done 2 this year, and have 5 more coming up. I’m also in the middle of production of the new 2013 designs for my silk scarf line ZSO-NYC (zso-nyc.com). I’m waiting on pins and needles to be allowed to announce a couple other client collaborations, and I’m generally just hacking away at a dozen item list of personal work I’m dying to work on when I get free time.

ISM: Words to live by

“All you need is love.” John Lennon

-Erin Leigh

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