Stwo: Beyond EP

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Artist: Stwo
Album: Beyond EP
Released: July 4, 2013

Producing phenomenal beats by way of Paris, France, Stwo is at the forefront of a new generation of beatmakers managed by Soulection, a progressive record label with a repertoire consisting of some of the worlds best beat producers. Impressively enough, the 20-year-old Parisian producer presents us with “Lovin U” off LFTF005, and the debut Beyond EP dives head first into everything we believe a dope instrumental should be. Upon first listen, we are intrinsically drawn to the smooth, sensual soul the beat bestows, and our appetite is kept steady both with the pulsating rhythm and breathtaking bass line the beat provides.

“Lovin U” is just a fraction of the full sound spectrum that Beyond EP completes, in which Stwo’s six-track debut showcases his enchanting sound in its entirety, employing his melodic love struck tendencies to its full glory and presenting us with his most impressive project thus far. His striking ability to transform silky r&b sounds into a masterful blend that highlights both the extracted sound of the original sample and its effortless pairing into a polished, reformed beat reigns supreme. Among the tracks that prove a cut above the rest are “Wifey” (sampling the original r&b hit by Next), “Work”, and “Anna”. In “Anna” Stwo employs enthralling Janet Jackson vocals from the track “Love Will Never Do (Without You)”. Guaranteed to get your speakers bumping and your heart strings feeling something, Stwo produces beats with an otherworldly type of quality that keeps us grounded with his use of fresh 90’s r&b tracks. Proving that he is indeed cut from a different cloth, Stwo inserts a steely vocal sample from none other than Biggie himself, proclaiming:

“Take control of your shit. Don’t be a stupid rapper. A stupid rapper is (someone) who has somebody tell them what to do it. See what Biggie’s doing…(but) if you dont wanna be like that, you dont gotta be like that. ”

And you don’t have to take my word for it, either. Vibe out to Stwo’s Beyond EP, and take a listen for yourself exactly how Stwo’s exceptional sound is unlike anything you’ve ever heard.

-Leslie Dizon (Big L)

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