Caleborate: AREUWIDIT

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Artist: Caleborate
Released: July 9, 2013

Representing the East Bay of San Fransisco, Caleborate releases his second single of his upcoming mixtape Feel with “AREUWIDIT”. Celebrating the revival of the golden era, Caleborate employs witty wordplay, classic hip-hop beats, and introspective rhymes that draw the listener closer to his East Bay lifestyle, painting a poetic picture of what it means to live and reside East of the Golden Gates.

Refreshingly enough, Caleborate’s lyrical content keeps him ahead of the race, with his brilliant use of imagery adding a illuminating dimension to his verses:

“I’ll break through all the pearly gates just to get what Heaven sent and made for me/
HD that’s how I’m seeing my life now/ shoutout to Q-tip, Phife Diggy, and Mike Lowell”

Announcing patronage to chief emcees of the Golden Era is no mistake, as Caleborate sets out to bless us with the nostalgic feeling of ‘A Tribe Called Quest’. Sharp-witted lyricism over chill rhythms compliments Caleborate’s style, and his display of full conviction in his delivery further enriches the appeal of his storytelling ability:

“You just do it for the likes. Meanwhile I grind every single night to change the fate of my plight/ so, tell me who’s missing out on who/ no I’m not dissin’, I’m jus tellin’ u what I do”

Check out Caleborate’s upcoming mixtape entitled Feel, in which he continues to establish himself as a contender on a quest to deliver us with what’s ‘next’.

-Leslie Dizon (Big L)

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