Documentary: Berlin Speaks For Itself

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We’ve spent some time in Berlin and artistically it is one of the most exciting places on earth right now. It seems like it could be compared to Brooklyn in the 80’s, a super underground art explosion mixed with some of the most established artists of the world. While all the shopping, galleries and fashion shows are something to be seen, it is the art in the streets that are the main attraction. Berlin is the city of ‘art in the streets’ with literally every building colored, an artistic expression that overtook the walls when the people’s repression was too much that something had to give. The movement grew to what you see now, most is not legal, technically, but you do have some of the biggest names in the game doing some of the worlds greatest work here. What really caught our attention was the underground of it all, the artists that have been living and doing the work there for years, like Mein lieber Prost, Think, Tona and Alias.

Eastcross Projects is going to release their street art documentary film Berlin spricht für sich selbst (Berlin speaks for itself) documenting these very street artists that work in Berlin and capturing their perspective, we can’t wait. We’ll keep you posted on the release date, until then check out the trailer here.

-Erin Leigh

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