Ta-ku & Raashan Ahmad: Low Fidelity, High Quality

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Artist:Ta-ku & Raashan Ahmad
Album: Low Fidelity, High Quality
Released: July 5, 2013

Freed earlier this month, here’s a little gem that was tucked away in the vaults over at Jakarta Records. A ways back, Rashaan Ahmad, an internationally praised MC (of Crown City Rockers acclaim) and the ever prolific, rising beatsmith Ta-ku came together to create some magic that, until now, slipped beneath the surface. They dubbed it “Low Fidelity, High Quality.”

Here’s the story we got from our connect over at Jakarta:

“Raashan Ahmad was on a euro tour some weeks ago and during his stop in Berlin we were talking music over dinner. I told Raashan that we are about to release an album with Ta-ku (which has happened in the meantime, check out the “DOWHATYOULOVE” album) and he asked me whether I knew that he recorded a full album with him some time ago during his last australian tour. No, I didn’t know that and getting my hand on the album turned out to be not too easy as it couldn’t be located for quite a while. In the end Raashan found it on an old hard drive and I was a fan of the album instantly. It’s raw hip hop in the truest sense. None of the songs are longer then 3 minutes, quite some are around the 2 minute mark. Nothing but dope beats and raps with some unreleased Ta-ku instrumentals sprinkled in between. ”

Ta-ku’s futuristic and tastefully nostalgic boom bap renditions mesh to a crisp degree with Rashaan’s veteran true school flow. It evokes the energy of some classic Jurassic 5 mixed with the layered, synth-laced sound medleys of the modern beat era.

If you’re one of those cats that use the term “Real Hip Hop”, you’ll be really into this.
Even if you don’t use the term “Real Hip Hop” and just like a classic case of dope beats and rhymes, you’ll be into this.

Enjoy & see what it does for you after the jump.

Peace gods.

-Absent Avery

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