Villans LA: New Age Villainy

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Whether it’s MF Doom, Tony Montana, or Simon Bar Sinister… everyone loves a good villain. And LA is no different. If you don’t know you better axe somebody. Villans LA is on the rise, with an iron fist grip on the street wear game you just gotta recognize. Villains is everywhere. From Wall Street to Pakistan. But when it comes to the fashion, you might just spot someone rocking it inside Supper Club on a Tuesday night, you might find someone rocking it in a lo-lo bending corners in East Los. It even spans corners of the rap game, everyone from Soulja Boy to Agallah the Don have all been seen sporting that Villans wear.

From the snap-backs, to the silk screened T’s, to the hoodies, and yes, even the gold chains, Villans got it on lock. From the playgrounds to the curbside, from the penthouse to the jungles, Villans LA got that young co-sign as authentic to the streets it was born and raised in. It’s a lifestyle brand.

Villans is all family, and they invite you into that fold with their recently opened flagship store in Burbank. They’ve been getting it since they were young, nah’mean, so this here is a triumph. Villans is a movement for the youngsters by the youngsters, you know? It gives them a hustle, a way to innovate design and to call the shots when it comes to fresh gear. It’s something to be a part of. Keep an eye peeled out for the brand when in these LA streets cuz Villans has been putting their foot on the neck of the game.

You can see it in their bandana prints. In the skyline behind their logo, and in everything from the socks to the jay’s they sell out of their shop.

It’s all about being fly, ya feel me? Everything fly, fresh… know what i’m saying? Turning up, getting money. it’s all family, You know what i’m saying.

That’s Villans LA.

Located in Burbank, close to North Hollywood, on Victory Blvd. and Hollywood Way. They out there man, prime location. They ain’t hard to find.

Come fuck with them.

– you know ya man’s @DropJewelz

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