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Single: Bel Air
Released: August 1, 2013

Here’s some bounce to blow an ounce to on a highway somewhere.

Word is that German producer IAMNOBODI just handed in his debut release with the Soulection squad from out here in So(ul) Cal. While we have no exact release date, it’s slated to be set free much sooner than later.

To hold us over in the meantime, the beatsmith let out this instrumental via SoundCloud to sit sideways and cruise to. Sunny G-funk synths meet a vintage westside, 808-laced kick and snare combo on this one. Properly called, “Bel Air,” it boasts a classic joyride-on-a-Cali-freeway flavor, with a little steeze on the keys that the final phrase of the beat floats out with.

It’s got bounce like Uncle Phil’s tummy in ‘9-3. Bang it in the whip on your next trip. Just be sure to have the windows down and some smoke in the air.

Stay wavy gods.

Absent Avery

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