Behind The Scenes: Radii Footwear Spring 2014 Lookbook Photoshoot

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On a mission to show there is no limit to fashion, creative styling, and opportunity, here’s a company for all you heads on your shoe game to keep an eye and a foot out for: Radii Footwear (pronounced “Ray-Dee-Eye”).

It may not be a household name like Jordans, Vans, or Adidas (just yet) but it’s not unlikely you’ve already seen a pair of these on the feet of more than a few heads around the way.

This five-year old So(le) Cal based footwear company’s already found their socks and sneakers on the heels and toes of A-list rappers, pro-athletes, hype-savvy hipsters, and school girls alike.

The reason? This is a brand that understands two essential things: niche and range. Niche in the sense that its creative team have a constantly developing and diverse vision that draws from many backgrounds and influences to help create products that cater to heads from various social groups in particular and subtle ways. They also have an experienced enough perspective to zoom out and strive to create quality products for as many social markets as they feel comfortable. Hence, their range. From simple, gourmet low-tops for the laid back skater in the breeze to detailed, stylistic high tops for the high-end city dwellers or fashion-forward ball players on the go, Radii seems to have a product for everyone in their arsenal. The even more promising news is that it’s only looking to push more boundaries and expand it.

In respect, their name, defined as “a range of influence,” was well-chosen.

We were given the ILL (yap, shameless plug) opportunity to go behind the scenes of the making of their Spring 2014 LookBook and witness what they’ve got in store for the streets this upcoming year.

Our homie Manny J, stylist and Ambassador of The Gent’s Closet, styled the entire shoot, providing more than sixteen looks to accent the designs being debuted. He let us into the studio for the day to watch the flyness occur.

All you sneaker heads out there can expect a cutting-edge artillery of breathable leathers, suedes, and quality canvas in unique paisleys, camos and very trippy prints. Let us also mention, the boxes they’ll come in are dope as opium.

The book that will reveal these goodies is going to be vicious. Thanks to Manny (and his steezed out six-year-old sidekick)’s sensibilities it will display how Radii can fit any style from distinguished fashionista (i.e. the Straight Jacket shoe) to “we out to the beach” (i.e. the Axel shoe).

These cats are on the hustle to show that while this brand may not be a household name, there will be a household understanding of the quality and functionality of their products.

Check out some sneak peeks below and witness Radii & Manny J bring street fashion full circumference.

Peace gods.

Absent Avery

All photos shot by Cali Grindz

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