ILL SUGI: Slave of Junk System

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Artist: ILL SUGI
Album: Slave of Junk System
Released: July 29, 2013

Straight out the crates of Cascades Records in Paris, we just got laced with a pretty little gem by Tokyo beatsmith ILL SUGI. It’s called “Slave of Junk System,” available for a limited time on cassette and otherwise via digital.

For those who may not be hip, SUGI’s been praised as one of Tokyo’s dirtiest on the come up. This collection of soundscapes provides beautiful evidence of that.

It’s a tribute to the 90’s Boogie-down Bronx and New Jersey sound and style of production pioneered by the likes of K-DEF, Lord Finesse, Showbiz, Diamond D, and Lords of the Underground. SUGI though, is a product of the new school, and does a gourmet job of bridging the gap between the dusty sampling techniques of back then and the layered, space-out, melodic bap sounds of this era’s global beat movement. From the trickling sunshine vibes of the tape’s opener, “Ruffle” to the funky acid-washed strut of the 32-second-long outro, “Funny Pilot”, it’s a trip through the golden age of boom bap tie-dyed with the audiowaves of now and beyond.

Dig in and don’t sleep. Vibe & get lifted to it during your next cypher (of L’s, rhymes, or whatever you like).

Peace gods.

Absent Avery

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