RECAP: The Speakeasy Art Gallery With The Tijuana Panthers & The Wild Pack of Canaries

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Home Sweet Home,

On a Saturday night in the city by the sea, kids line up in front of a poorly lit warehouse waiting, smoking, laughing, and talking music. There is no signage just old school motorcycles, a bouncer who blends in with the crowd of spectators, and the sounds of guitars being tuned.

This is all a standard night for this place known as The Speakeasy Art Gallery. Located on the west side of Long Beach in a small warehouse. Speakeasy have been making some unseen moves with bands playing constantly and promoting local art.

This past weekend a sold out show was played by The Tijuana Panthers to a group of kids that couldn’t be more hyper and just plain enjoying themselves. There was also The Wild Pack of Canaries (WPOC), The Abigails, and Tomorrow Tulips.

My good friend Rudy is front man for WPOC and told me to come by to see them jam out, which is exactly what they did. Opening the night with loud drums, psych guitar riffs, and keyboard sounds making you feel like your in the Twilight Zone.

The Abigails is a side project of Warren Thomas. Using his deep soothing voice reminiscing of Johnny Cash, this band will make any one believe they had some help from Satan.

One band that I have heard the name float around was The Tomorrow Tulips. First time seeing them play a set. They have a energy about them that just really awesome. Definitely a band for the beach heads which is perfect for the LBC and south bay.

Closing the spot down was The Tijuana Panthers. These guys have brought out the straight edge, rockabilly, early punk, and good ‘ol rock and roll kids into one spot. Playing tunes like “Prayer Needs” and “Redhead Girl” they knew how to end the night right.

Next time your in Long Beach check the place out for some fun.


Photos by Zell Thomas

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