Timeless Fall/Winter 2013 Lookbook

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Since the Venue Trade show, I’ve been looking more and more into the amazing brands I had the pleasure in meeting. One of those brands who I enjoyed meeting was not only amazing but they’ve also stuck out like a sore thumb. Timeless Clothing brand from Los Angeles, California presented their amazing Fall/Winter collection of 2013 to everyone at the Venue and were very excited to show off what they had in store.

For the Fall/Winter collection, Timeless Clothing is bringing creative designs and other accessories for the upcoming season. Featuring the neutral, solid colors of the fall, there is an assortment of many tees, hoodies, sweaters, jackets, and headgear like snapbacks and beanies. Accessories includes a golden fox pin, which symbolizes the brand its self, and a white lighter with the Timeless logo daubed on it.

Few of my favorites, which almost came close to all, the “Classic Fox” leather strap snapback, the “Fuck Luck” hoodie, the golden fox pin (which I hope one day Timeless makes into a cool ring), and the “Hometown Hero” coach jacket. The leather strap snap caught my eye, not because it was a leather strap, but because the structure is very creative. The material is made in gray wool fabric, with a black corduroy brim, and the leather strap is brown with a gold buckle. The “Fuck Luck” hoodie is absolutely tasteful. It comes in both black and gray, on the back, “Fuck Luck” is written over the top over the number 13. My guess is that the “13” symbolizes the year 2013. On the front, a poor little bunny-rabbit is missing its little foot and is bleeding. Simple, yet very appealing. I thought the golden pin was a ring, but it was not. I hope one day jewelry comes to the shop, because that would be so awesome. Other than that, I love the pin. And lastly the “Hometown Hero” Coach. The choice of color and detail in the coach is alluring. In dark navy, white letters written “Hometown Hero” crosses the back over a tribal dragon head and letters written on the front.

The collection fits anyone and adjustable to any lifestyle, but would most likely be seen on many who are in the skate-scene. Fashion has no gender, so as a young lady, I can definitely see myself wearing the whole collection.

-Sierra Nicole

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