Stan Forbee: Jazz Sessions

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Artist: Stan Forbee
Album: Jazz Sessions
Released: July 30, 2013

Since the early days of Hip Hop’s musical development, Jazz has always been one of its primary sources for samples and inspiration. In exchange, Jazz throughout the years has been deeply influenced by the culture and sounds of the Hip Hop movement. The two genres have danced in synergy since the late 80’s. The result has been an entire generation of Jazz musicians who’ve grown up listening to as much Pete Rock and Dilla as they did Davis and Coltrane. Musicians like Robert Glasper and Karriem Riggins are true testaments to this. It’s not out of the ordinary one of your favorite, modern Jazz musicians is a Hip Hop head. Berlin, Germany based Jazz musician and beatmaker Stan Forbee carries on this tradition with his debut album to the world, simply entitled “Jazz Sessions.”

Released via Digi Crates, the record is a dedication/tribute to legendary Jazz pianist Bill Evans and to the producer’s father, who is said to have had a great influence on his taste in jazz and classical music.

The instrumentation throughout the record conveys that Forbee (beyond his Jazz background) is a definite student of the school of Dilla, Madlib and Nujabes. Fans of each (and all three) will undoubtedly vibe to this.

An eloquent and tasteful tango of two worlds, “Jazz Sessions” is a lovely little love letter about the beauty of Jazz & Hip Hop’s relationship with one another.

“Wednesday Night (Dilla Tribute)” is a personal favorite.
Dig in and find yours.

Peace gods.

Absent Avery

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