A$AP Ferg: Trap Lord

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Artist: A$AP Ferg
Album: Trap Lord
Released: August 20, 2013

Trap Lord… what’chu expect? It’s not nerdcore like a Sith Lord, and for damn sure it ain’t like Lord of the Dance. It’s kinda like Lord of the Rings, but only cuz Ferg got 8 gold rings like $habba, $habba Ranks. If anything, a Trap Lord is a Lord of the Underground, but not like those Chief Rockers from New Jerooze… A Trap Lord got the Choppers on Deck, and the nine is on deck, and the llamas on deck. A Trap Lord pours Persian Wine freely, rocks 40 Belows and needs a hundred million roses when he dies.

Really tho… Trap Lord is the new album from A$AP Ferg. And Ferg ain’t afraid to “Murder Something” on this one, just ask Waka Flocka Flame. Remember, A$AP means (A)ssinate ($)niches (A)nd (P)olice amongst other things. And that’s good considering the hype behind the Mob. Yamz reminds us on the intro that Long.Live.A$AP was a #1 album on the charts and that “F**kin’ Problems” went platinum. He also says they’re at the all-star game, with their eyes closed, shooting fadeaway jumpers from half court, so expect Harlem to go hard on this record like the Globetrotters do above the rim.

This is Trillwave at it’s finest, dark, deep and still somehow bouji and grimy at the same damn time. A$AP Ferg employs a cast of freshmen to paint the soundscapes on his debut. Snugsworth gotta banger with “Shabba” and Veryrvre will have your chain hanging low with the rubies in the gold on “Hood Pope.” Some how Chinza & Fly Beats got the “Work (Remix)” to knock harder than the original and High Class Filth and Napolian craft a spaced out dungeon of a beat on “Cocaine Castle” which finds Ferg examining all the victims of the trap.

“4:02” finds Ferg on his R.Kelly tip before the hardest joint on the album drops: “Dump Dump.” Produced by P on the Boards, “Dump Dump” is an ode to fucking another man’s bxtch. Ferg drops the hammer like this:

Ride around town with about 100 niggas
When you see me come around, don’t try to run up on a nigga
Four pound lay ’em down, now you six feet under, nigga
If you flip some type of weight, let me see you dump nigga


Ride around my city, feeling like P. Diddy
Glock 9 in my silk shirt, nigga, no Pac and no Biggie
Skully low and my teeth hurt but these grills is worth a milli
I was in the club, I seen the whole thing, I was right next to Meek Milly
Shout outs my nigga Chrissy, don’t thug over these bitches
I ain’t fucking with these ratchet hoes, I put a slug in these bitches
Pop a pill in her asshole, put drugs in these bitches
Impress my girl, she fine as fuck so I ain’t loving these bitches
I just be fucking these bitches, ain’t no love for these bitches
Diamond Dallas, that Fergenstein, I DDP on these niggas
Feel the heat when it pick up, bullet creeped to his window
Nigga I’m going double wood, fuck around and catch a splinter
Nine milli, my nigga, get hung, high ceiling, my nigga
All the macks in they Maybachs, no 550, my nigga
They saying Ferg went from “Kissin’ Pink” to a Young 50, my nigga
I’m in court for your bitch ass, that’s real shitty, my nigga

I fucked your bitch, nigga, I fucked your bitch
I fucked your bitch, nigga, I fucked your bitch
She sucked my dick, nigga, she sucked my dick
She sucked my dick, nigga, she sucked my dick

-A$AP Ferg on “Dump Dump”

Although it’s not the most complex lyrical mathematics ever dropped on wax, Ferg does his thing. Some call it steez, some call it style… young bloods call it swag, and mos def Ferg got that. He even brings the new school alongside to ride with the OG’s on “F*ck Out My Face” with B-Real, Onyx & Aston Matthews.

Ferg touches greatness on this album and “Lord” is the proof in the pudding. Breaking down science like Master Fard and Elijah Muhammed, Fergenstein toasts the most high with jugs of red rum alongside Bone Thugz N Harmony. The ruthless Cleveland clique hasn’t sounded this nice since they were featured alongside B.I.G. on Life After Death.

Trap Lord is purple as fxck, flying the A$AP flag worldwide, it’s definitely going to be a highlight in the legacy of the crew. Rocky appears on “Shabba” and the “Work (Remix)” but the rest of the crew is surprisingly absent, leaving one to wonder who will pick up the torch next for the Mob.

But don’t trip. Ferg dropped a banger that’s sure to blow out the speakers in the jeeps, the lex, the coups the beamerz and the benz.

You know ya man’s Drop Jewelz.

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