TI$A Pop-Up Shop At Tried & True On Fairfax In West L.A. (Recap)

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A couple weeks back (on August 3rd) there was a dope little TI$A (Taz Arnold of Sa-Ra’s brand on the rise) pop-up shop that popped up at Tried & True over on Fairfax in West L.A.

We were there to check out the pieces and parlay at the event.

The brand is known for collecting vintage and nostalgic clothing items and adding its own prints, logos, caricatures and signature to them. Designer sweaters, vintage jackets, tees, hats, shoes, golden “Taz” belt buckles, and patches (among other random, fly accessories) emblazoned with the colorful TI$A (meaning “Taz Is So Arnold”) logo, as well as Taz’s signature TI$A Bear character decorated the racks of the shop for people to browse through and add to their personal closet collections.
Most popular on display were the signature Snapbacks the brand is perhaps most famous for, featuring the stitched in logo (on the sides) and monster-sized embroidered phrases such as DOPE, WEED, BLOW, and of course TI$A, on the front.

In the back of the store was a fly little installation displaying a couple of the MCM x TI$A Phenomenon blue-leather biker jackets, some custom patches, Versace slippers, and the almighty Tupac.

Out in the front, rap groups Jeanleon and CBG (Chill Black Guys) offered intimate and turnt up performances of their luxury-rap audio escapades.

There was even free Jarritos sodas on deck for everyone in attendance.

Check out the photos and see what you missed.

Peace gods.

Absent Avery

All photos shot by Cali Grindz

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