Tailored By Stephen B.

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Men, it is about that time of year where everyone and I mean everyone, is dressing classy, sharp, and stylish for the winter and fall. While most of us girls have our favorite pieces of clothing hanging in our closets, and getting ready to go back to school, we tend to miss out what completes our outfits. Accessories. So, we purchase jewelry, hair clips, scarves, and all that good stuff. But men on the other hand? There isn’t much. To look preppy, classy, and sharp, bow tie designer, Stephen B. creates his very own collection to give men and young guys a chance to clean up their look with one simple accessory.

Tailored by Stephen B. is a collection of bow ties with different patterns that gives males an outstanding image, and of course, look unbelievably classy. With a growing business, Stephen B. has only three collections and has already has gain respect from athletes and artists. Collections, Timeless, Signature, and Blue Label, each has beautiful and creative patterns like paisley, cheetah print, leopard, polka dots, plaid, and much more. The designer expresses each bow tie with a unique flair by playing with different fabrics and materials like tweed, 100% cotton, silk, satin, wool, and felt.

Prices range at an acceptable and reasonable cost between $21.99 and $52.00 at the online store. Usually most online shopping sites do not give you tips and suggestions on how to wear an accessory or garment, but on this simple and “easy-to-use” site, it gives you suggestions and tips on how to wear a bow tie.

-Sierra Nicole

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