Made In The Purgatory “Murder By Day”

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In broad daylight… yeah right. Rock-a-bye baby, you can get slept any time anywhere. Especially if you’re really out there. That’s Murder By Day. Straight killin’ ’em. Guns up, styles blazing, set to body many styles. Made in the purgatory that is love, hell or right. You can’t help but L.ove A.llah.

And there’s a lot to love about Murder By Day. Representing bold fashion at the cutting edge of culture, the independent brand makes its debut on the market with the “Au Cocaine” $napback and beanie. The hats are hand crafted and feature 3D gold embroidery, as well as leather tags. This is for all my Al Pacino Scarface rocking cats out there, you know… if you don’t read Arabic, the script says “Cocaine” in bold print.

And if you don’t sniff your brains out or support such controversial fashion, Murder By Day presents the more mild mannered teal “Geo Signature” braided $napback.

Don’t get it twisted tho… this is just the start. Murder By Day won’t be limited to hats only, they got $kimask Hoodies in the works, along with some Python Pocket Tee$ and Drop Crotch $weatpants.

Check the exclusive styles modeled by Stoney. And yeah, she does more than look good in Murder By Day, she murders mics professionally. Catch her latest banging out your stereo at

Shout out Elysha too, she did her thing. Keep up with the latest from Murder By Day on twitter.

You know ya man’s Drop Jewelz.

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