JohnNy U: Thorned Roses

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Mixtape: Thorned Roses
Artist: JohnNy U
Released: Feb 24, 2012

“Thorned Roses” is the brand new debut mixtape from JohnNy U and by listening to it I think it’s safe to say there a new M.C. everyone needs to have on their radar. The mixtape is all new original music and features 20 songs handcrafted to perfection where rhyming meets rhythmic beat patterns. The mixtape also offers spoken word you’re first blessed with in the introduction that captures powerful versus of conscious topics of today’s issues within society performed by Charlotte Michelle. The entire mixtape is a combination of jazz, orchestra, piano and soulful production on tracks like “portraits”, “The product” and “melting pot”. JohnNy U takes you on a journey painting detailed visuals through his lyrics on “Thorned Roses” and is setting the bar on all future artist debut mixtapes.

Download: JohnNy U-Thorned Roses


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