Iman Europe: WHITE N*GGA

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I do not discriminate when it comes to dating different races, but I am totally eye-to-eye with performer, Iman Europe. Produced by Wino Willy, the new controversial song, “White N*gga,” not only catches peoples attention but it is also starting to stir up major conversation. First and far most important, lets get into the craft of the whole masterpiece. Wino Willy created one of the most chilliest beats ever. It’s that slow head bang, mid-night flow. It has so much depth in Soul and R&B, that all it could do is take you back to when music had some sort of meaning. Wino complimented Iman’s flow perfectly; it made her message have a lighter meaning to it.

Listening carefully to Iman’s lyrics, I felt so much comfort in what she was saying. She says, “Our history don’t matter, but that was back then, so nigga now what? I don’t give a damn about the past, I just want to see yo’ ass in the back of a lac’ truck.” It’s amazing to hear artists expressing true meaning, especially when there has been serious conflict between white and black individuals many years ago. If there are any negative comments on this song, it would be strongly ignored, redundant, and preposterous to even feel that this would be an offence to anyone.

-Sierra Nicole

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