Badvice Compilation Volume II

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Artist: Badvice Collective
Album: Badvice Compilation Vol. II
Released: August 31, 2013

Earlier this month, we were sent a lovely little compilation from an LA-based beat collective dubbed Badvice. If unfamiliar, we want to get you introduced, because their team is booming with raw talent.

The tape bangs with a lush medley of brief but beautifully headnodic instrumentals that convey what makes the beat culture here in the City of Lost Angels so vibrant. It’s because cats like these, pumping out genre-bending, soul-seductive stellar space grooves, are crawling out of every crevice and kick of a drum.

Each producer on this tape has found a way to uniquely and individually fuse jazz, neo-soul, hip hop, and electronic frequencies into highway-cruise ready hybrids.

There’s not much to do but listen, take a ride and get familiar with the names that lace the tracklist. From what our ears tell us after putting this on loop more than a few times, they’re all names whose sounds you should be digging for.

So, dig and dwell on.

Enjoy & be peace gods.

Absent Avery

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