Words To Live By With Judith Supine

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Word To Live By, By Erin Leigh

Street artist Judith Supine buys, steals and savages the throwaways of the masses to masterfully collage images depicting the depths of society to an hypnotic state, dark, dirty and beautiful. Old cigarette cartons, dirty magazines and lotto tickets are some items of choice, cutting, pasting, reassembling and finishing with washed paints, his work environment is a ‘nest of trash’, a collection from the streets that Supine magically manipulates to create a surreal and psychedelic world. This month he has teamed up with Arrested Developments Alia Shawkat for Thanks For Nothing, Known Gallery’s(Los Angeles) latest exhibition and the must see show happening right now. Supine took a few minutes to talk with us a little about himself, his latest collection and this weeks Words To Live By.

First off the where and when’s..

ISM: Born and raised?

Peachtree Portsmouth

ISM: Started doing art?

When I was a little kid, I used to draw battle scenes; Indians, dinosaurs, knights, broken arrows and eye sockets.

ISM: Decided to put your art on the streets?

When I was living in Richmond, VA I began gluing small collages to people’s doors.

ISM: Known Gallery and Thanks for Nothing, stimulus for your latest collection?

I collect trash such as lottery cards and Newport cigarette boxes. These become miniature canvases and sculptures. My manager has been working with Known for a while and I’m excited to do a show there.

ISM: Creatively, take it as it comes or have the vision?

A bit of both

ISM: Favorite place to play?

My couch

ISM: Favorite time of day?

I’m a morning person

ISM: There is a fashion picture in a Russian magazine with your work on a t-shirt, what was that for?

It was a collaboration with a fashion designer that premiered during fashion week last year in Paris.

ISM: Something you can’t stop thinking about?

My mom

ISM: Something you are looking forward to?

My mom is coming to LA tomorrow.

ISM: Words to live by

If you can’t run with the big dawgs, stay on the porch.

-Erin Leigh

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